Your expert partner at it
mediating rentals
and giving real estate advice.

Your expert partner at it
mediating rentals
and giving real estate advice.

Your expert partner at it
mediating rentals
and giving real estate advice.

About Us 

Woningbemiddeling B.V.

In 2017 we started as a new player in the housing market with North Holland as its main operating area.

Our objective is to mediate in a professional manner between landlords and tenants as well as giving real estate advice.

We have employees with years of experience in the field for the guidance of the entire rental process. For the office staff we also use the expertise of one of our partners AMV Hoorn to carry out all back office activities.

We strive to offer extensive advertising opportunities, including placement on Pararius, Funda, Marktplaats and Facebook.

The head office is located at Electronweg 15 in Hoorn and currently has three employees.

Contact us or walk in at our office and experience the benefits of Woningbemiddeling B.V.!

New rental properties

  • Appartement Grote Noord, Hoorn € 950

    Dit keurige en ruime 3-kamer appartement met gezamenlijke fietsenberging en lift komt per 1 januari 2019 vrij en dus zijn wij op zoek naar nieuwe bewoners. Gunstig gelegen: Dit gestoffeerde 3-kamer appartement ligt in het geliefde centrum van Hoorn met

  • Tussenwoning Aletta Jacobsstraat, Heemskerk € 1 300

    ** Op dit moment wordt de woning nog bewoond. Hierdoor kunnen de foto’s een vertekend beeld geven en geeft een bezichtiging de beste indruk! ** Deze 4-kamer tussenwoning in de kindvriendelijke wijk Breedweer komt per 1 september vrij en dus

  • Appartement Reeelenstraat, Koog aan de Zaan € 1 070

    Voor u als zoekende huurder hebben wij het volgende appartement gevonden: 1 persoon of een werkend stel, zonder inwonende kinderen of huisdieren. Migranten of expats zijn ook welkom. Dit in 2006 gerenoveerde, gemeubileerde 3-kamer appartement met open keuken op de

Do you know a property that we can rent out? If your tip leads to an assignment for the rental of a house or business building, you will receive from us as a private individual a gift voucher for € 50, -. Business customers can send us an invoice of € 125, -.

Professional guidance

The entire process from offering a home to the final key transfer to a new tenant is professionally supervised. In the tab rental you will find an explanation of the entire step-by-step plan.

Clear agreements

By recording good agreements in writing and carrying out a credit check of the potential tenant, ambiguities and misunderstandings are avoided afterwards.

Free viewing

When applying for a viewing of a property, the potential rent is of course entirely free in his / her decision to let. The agreement is only concluded until the final lease has been signed.