Financial checks


Do you want certainty in the financial administration of your tenants?

As a landlord, it is always important to get certainty in the financial affairs of potential tenants. After all, the rent must be paid every month. Of course it is not a good idea if there are tenants in your home, while the monthly payment of the rent is always delayed.

Woningbemiddeling can be a service to you – even if you aren’t renting your property via us!

In addition to requesting recent salary slips from prospective tenants, we also always execute an EDR Credit Check - This will check the creditworthiness of a person. This way gives you more certainty in the financial affairs of your prospective tenants, and you can assume better that your candidates aren’t bad payers – or actually are.

You can apply for an EDR Credit Check. using the form below. For a first request we charge € 50 including VAT. Do you want to make multiple applications? Then contact us to discuss the price.

Application form EDR Credit Check:

Own data: When we have received your data, we will contact you.
Candidate’s data for the EDR Check:
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Woningbemiddeling B.V. assumes no liability for the result and for errors resulting from incorrectly provided information. It is important that the above information is entered correctly.