Property rental


Do you want to rent out your property?

Renting a property is usually a difficult and lengthy process. With our experience in the estate agency, we can contribute to an early and professional rental.

Contact us to make an appointment with our rental agent. The property will then be viewed jointly, with the mediation assignment being completed. See the step-by-step plan below for more information.

Do you know someone who wants to rent out a property?

Do you know a property that we can rent out? If your tip leads to an assignment for the rental of a home or business property, you will receive a gift voucher worth € 75,- from us as a private individual. Business customers can send us an invoice of € 125,-.

Together we inspect and evaluate the home.

Offer for rent.

The house must of course be delivered neat and clean. This inspection is carried out in advance by us and provided with rental signs if agreed.

Search for suitable candidates.

Get contact.

The property is placed on several well-known rental sites, such as Pararius, Jaap and HuizenZoeker. Do you also want a placement on Funda? Then we charge an extra fee once.

Test candidate for creditworthiness and reliability.

Create a contract.

If a potential tenant wants to view a property, this person completes an application form for viewing. We then test the candidate for creditworthiness. (EDR)

Signs of the lease with tenant.

Key transfer.

If the candidate approves the conditions for renting the house after viewing, the last forms will be signed for the key transfer.