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Do you need help finding a suitable rental property?

In the current housing market it can be difficult to find a suitable home quickly. Possibly Woningbemiddeling B.V. help you with this by registering in our search file.

Woningbemiddeling B.V. can provide a search query. We can register you in our database, which will result in getting informed quickly when new, suitable rental properties are available.

Our step-by-step plan:

1. Registration
You fill in the registration form with the search query. When we have received the completed registration form, we will contact you and the 3-month search starts when we have received the start-up fee of € 50 and the required documents.

2. Search file
At the start of the search we will add you to our search database. This means that you will automatically receive an overview of new properties that meet your search criteria on a daily basis, as well as we are actively searching for suitable properties and keeping you informed.

3. Viewing
If a property meets your interest and would like to view it, we will contact the rental agent to schedule a viewing. Our rental agent will also be present at this viewing.

4. Contract
Have you viewed a property and signed a lease contract with the real estate agent? In that case our work is done and you have successfully rented a home. We charge a fee of half a month's rent for this, with a minimum of € 400 and a maximum of € 800.

Download hieronder het PDF-bestand om het formulier in te vullen.

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Download (EN)

Would you rather complete the form on the computer, or would you like to make an appointment to go through the search query together? Then make sure to get in contact with us.